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It was almost two weeks ago on a Thursday night, a faithful reader along with Rookie and myself wondered into this line filled with nice looking girls waiting to get into this college underground club. We got there at 12:30 as we were bar hopping all over Arlington and DC and at that point we waited in this line for close to 20 minutes without moving. Girls were cutting in line and coming up to the bouncer and just being let in. We didn’t know what was inside but our curiosity was peaked. We abandoned the mission the following week we came back this time around 11 enough time to get in.

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We went inside and because it was so early there were only four maybe five girls there sitting at the bar getting a drink. The steep cover had not started yet. Rookie his roommate and myself got a few drinks and sat down in one of the open VIP booths at a great spot. The faithful readers all three showed up 20 minutes later and joined. What happened next could not be explained.

Now let’s back up, we were in DC. You know about the women and how bad it can get here. What happened next you say…. They started coming…. big fucking groups of girls. But not just any normal girls fucking hot college girls! First it was one or two coming in, then groups of three to four. Hot. The guy to girl ratio was impressively low because of guys having to pay a cover and girls getting in free I think. The guys that were there, cargo pants, T’s and caps on backwards, the college look. But back to the girls what I’m about to say may not be believable but I do have witnesses, we’re talking 7’s and up! The whole night I saw maybe two fat girls three tops, I swear on my mama and them.

Remember in college when girls had the tightest bodies and dressed up in short skirts, dresses, and high heals. Remember how we graduated and they got their degrees, and sat behind desk all day eating fast food and getting fat. Then they grew too fat to fit into those hot clothes they once owned and instead of heals started wearing sneakers with their work attire and yoga pants out to the club. But in college they were sun kissed by the Gods and anything was possible. What if I told you that in DC a place like that still existed? That on Thursday night there’s a place where sexy coeds go and party AND drink? It’s true!

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